Farmers relation with earth

Famers are the living specimen of humanity. They are the ones who are diligent
and have a unique passion towards their soil. From the starting of the era of
farmers and until the present time, the agricultural prominences have declined,
mostly because of the rise of industrial rule. Land is the major viability of
industries to expand, more like a sovereign, who are obsessed with

The excess of strength they invest in the soil are unmatched with any other profession. Their income lays on what the soil gifts them. Farmers and nature have a very deep connection with one another. The soil responds to the sweat, blood and tears endowed by the farmer. A banker, officer, private and government workers are provided – bonus, incentives, etc. However, a farmer is his own possessor, who provides himself with all the necessities he wants and are also given handful of help by the government. Farmer rules {not with any wrong intentions} because he satisfies the famine of the people.


Farmers cannot compare to any businesspersons’ because their intention is not to
gain profit but to save agriculture from getting defunct. Farmers get a diverse
kind of happiness and satisfaction from the effort they put in. Agriculture is use of
brainpower as well as muscle power at the same time. While, the fields ploughed,
the soil embraces the farmer as though it is enjoying the massage. The nature is
not being rude to us it is just giving us the reminder that even they have emotions.


Humans control both agriculture and industries, but there is miles difference
between them. We need development but in a way where there is no destruction to
the earth as well as the humankind. A fertile land transformed into colonies of
concrete, cannot change again to fertile land, as it has lost its vitality. If one part
of our body is hurt, then the entire body suffers, the same way, one part of the
earth destructed the consequences should be borne by the whole.


Each step matters…

The decisions that we take in our day-to-day life reflects on our manners and others around us. Be it any people around the world, everyone has their own principle. Taking your own decision for yourself is better than taking decisions for others. We beings are so into others clutter that we lose ourselves saving others. Help each other it’s very important for our go.

We sometimes need to be choosy while helping since we need to have a seventh sense to sense how the next person is. If the other person wants help but does not have a humor then we just need to slang open the exit door. “No one stays permanently everyone have to choose their own path” it is not true. As I told you before, people are choosy and we too need to be but not every time. Choosing our own path can be cherry-picked anyhow.

Our every talk, stupidity, craziness each and everything can change the jest of our story. Every opportunities move towards you, we just need to take a right step to grab hold. Money can buy happiness with extra interest of sadness. Dream, imagine and put it to action, no one will be able to stop you then. Life and people are not complicated; it’s you who make things more complicated for yourself. Have some space for yourself spend time with yourself experience life at the fullest it can give us a clear vision or view of life.

Cold Coffee: A best beverage to start a day with and end with.

It is a lazy morning again, same thing to do, same thing to worry about. I attire my outfit, leave my home and run towards the only place that cheers me up. I order my special regular cold coffee and take that first sup of that delicious coffee; yeah it just takes you to heaven.

That sweetness, froth blending in my mouth just gives freshness and clears my mind instantly. The laziness and gawkiness, it has just wiped out for once. I go back to the same life waiting for the end of the day to come. One whole day I drag; fun, friends, my coffee, and myself waiting for a second round of peace and then once again the same “my special regular coffee” Just whooshes away all my wooziness.

My day starts with my love and ends with it. Cold coffee… it is just a perfect partner to save my wholesome tiring day. Giving a minute for you with this great companion can make us feel so completely relaxed.

Be the change you want to see in this world

We want our world to change into something good, safe and better place, we anticipate for someone else to make a first move and when others make their move, we turn our backs on them. Unity is Strength- “only in books” in reality, it is just a random three words. People unite when there is gain in it or else they just ignore and walk away. It is very easy to tell that we want a change and when there is a jiff of hope for change, they jump to some other businesses that are more profitable. A kid watches and learns from their adults and the same kid grows to be someone accordance with the education given to them.

Education doesn’t mean going to college or school, it can be in everyday scenes. Even the ONE can make a huge difference to us. People learn from each other’s mistakes. When someone is beaten to death for a massive mistake committed, the other will back out. A person is met with an accident and people just watch until he dies but one person comes ahead to help, the others help him to save the injured. No one stops you when you do something right. We still have humanity hidden inside us we just need to believe in ourselves.

You want a change then go ahead, you don’t need anyone’s support for making a difference, and the support will come by itself we just need to do what we have thought of. Courage refills when we break all the barriers. Nothing is “my” in this world, everything is “ours”. End of the day you don’t carry anything with you other than good deeds. Help others not for the sake to recall you but for your and their satisfaction. While you see a smile on their face, the happiness you feel will be in cloud nine.

Change should take place slowly with time. Just need a bit of patience and love. We need to turn out be weak to stay strong. We need to learn from our warnings so that we don’t do it to others. While stepping into this world we didn’t get anything with us other than a smile on our parents face. While we die, there shouldn’t be tears in theirs or anyone who are exposed to us. If we have started with something good then end with good, we don’t have to worry about other left part. If our mind is positive then everything stays positive. Be the change, that’s all matters.

That one day which makes you happy

Flowers, colors, gown, jewelry… wow it just makes us go crazy. Marriage is marriage it can’t be differentiated by love or arranged. Marriage is a bond of love, a new life, family, chapter where we write a new book of ourselves. A verdict took by both. A glow on their face spreads happiness in all the ones around them. In love and arranged, both have to take same vows & responsibilities. Every step of the marriage ceremonial is my favorite. Their excitement and enthusiasm makes me feel very cheery. The look in the bride’s and the groom’s eyes, it’s just so beautiful to marvel at.

The first time when both meet, it is the best chunk; shy, speechless and scared to the core. The first “yes” and the last “I do” is commitment. Marriage isn’t adjustment or understanding, a stage to let know each other that they will be there in every situation with them, the other emotions will just add up routinely. Marriages don’t have to be very grand or fancy with rings and family or by laws. It is law of nature Man and Women should endure by zing.

This striking celebration comes to us only once and everything needs to be perfect. We don’t have to alarm people that you are getting married. Nowadays marriages are show off and it’s competition with others. For example, Mr. Rich plans a very fancy wedding frittering wealth lavishly without a second thought. I know that they don’t have any other way for spending their money and Mr. Not- so- rich scans the whole wedding scenes of the other and works his ass off to make a very great wedding than Mr. Rich. It’s just pointless; happiness of their kids comes first, other lunacy at last. Marriage is not a crowd of people, gifts etc. It is offering blessings and wanting to be with the couples to encourage them.


A conduit which we take in our days elapsed reflects in our present-day and the time ahead. It’s not cool to castoff our begotten days since we are over and done with it and that we can obstruct the same thing from arising again. Some must have gone through merciless state and some very chary.

This is life, an adventure, a big game to know where you stand. Past petrifies you, dwindles you and changes you, but it also provokes you to confront the upcoming nuisances and hindrances or destroys your confidence and give rise to adverse thoughts, cold-bloodedness and also maliciousness.

The existing life which we are relishing now can be the positive or negative upshot of our verdict taken in our past. A human is born alone and dead alone, in this sequence of life it’s his/her pick to decide their trail. Everyone has a course of action but it’s our decree to grasp it or rebuff it.

These three stages of life demonstrate what we can be in time ahead and what variations we can do in us. We don’t have to lug the past with us but we need to grab hold of the prior warnings and experiences with us.
Future can be a beauty or a shamble but both are the lane to something more adventurous and it’s not too late to shift our thumbs down to thumbs up. Life cannot be denied we need to bow down to it as we get this opportunity at once. As my foe always tells me; “Never Give Up” and I reiterate the same to you.

An inspirational quote by Thomas G Monson,